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What Does A Six Pack Of Beer and Lottery Scratcher's Have In Common?

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

  • They'll both cost you

  • You can become addicted to either one

  • You can spend a little or a lot of money for either thrill

  • Buying too many of them will make you feel better or worse

  • You can get lucky with one and think you are lucky with the other

  • When the fun is over you are left with cardboard (unless you won or you don't drink the good stuff, otherwise you are stuck with plastic rings).

  • Lastly, the colorful cardboard can be re-purposed into tabletop windmills.

Watch this video:

I sometimes buy scratcher's and I enter them into the California Second Chance drawings. I often rescue discarded scratcher's to improve my second chance odds. This activity however has left me with tickets that I did not want to throw in the trash. So I gave my tickets a third chance. I found the inspiration sitting on my front porch, a miniature replica windmill.

My hubby actually feared that I had a strange lottery addiction. But I call it, "optimism, artistry and resourcefulness". Now that we have our website, I'm sharing ideas and adding value to our site. In effort to prove myself as skilled to my hubby instead of compulsive I turned his favorite beer carrier into an awesome windmill.

Recycle when you can or try a craft like this. The windmills can be painted or constructed larger or smaller than shown. In case you were wondering, yes they actually spin.

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