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50 Surprising Pet Peeves Revealed

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

II took a survey of which actions annoy my friends and family the most. Here are some of their pet peeves.

Clothing Related

First impressions are not always the best impressions. Sometimes, clothing preferences, styles, trends, and clothing neglect in general are enough to make onlookers agitated. Here is a list of the following offenses:

1) A person who wears a nice outfit with dirty or dingy shoes, including dirty shoe laces.

2) Anyone who wears sagging pants. Lawmakers in some Texas, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina cities were so irritated by sagging pants that they made it against the law to wear them.

3) Pet hair on clothing.

4) Neatly dressed parents that allow their kids to wear dirty, tattered clothing.

5) A hairy woman in a bikini.

Bad Manners

6) A person that coughs or sneezes without covering their mouth. It’s not always nice to share.

7) People that know everything and claim to have been everywhere.

8) People who don’t listen, and then constantly interrupt your conversation, or try to dominate it completely.

9) Loud cell phone conversations in public, or quiet, places. Others should not be forced to listen to your one-sided conversation.

10) People that do not pick up their dog’s poop.

11) 'Face talkers'. People who talk extremely close to your face.

12) Loud chewing, lip smacking, or a person that chews with their mouth open.

13) Chronically late people.

14) A person who texts during your conversation, or texts when at the dining table. Of course, this does not apply if the person is dining alone.

15) Parents that do not control their children, or parents that repeatedly do a countdown as a warning to pretend they can stop the child's behavior.

16) Young kids that curse, and are extremely rude.

17) A person that passes gas in front of others, then blames it on someone else.

18) People that do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. You know who you are.

19) It’s annoying when a person leaves a nearly empty food or drink container inside the fridge or cabinet.

Driving, or Vehicle Related

20) Drivers that pass on the right.

21) Drivers that do not know how to drive properly, as well as backseat drivers.

22) Trucks on the freeway with unsecured mattresses in the bed of their truck.

23) The person who asks, “Have you seen my new car?”, every time you see him or her. You want to say, “Yes, but its old now.”.

24) Big rig truck drivers that bogart your lane and leave you with nowhere to go.

25) Your friend, or family, that warns you that their car is dirty before you get inside.

Work Related-

Not all employees are created equal, especially when they act in the following ways:

26) Workers who refuse to learn anything new and say, “I've always done it this way".

27) Co-workers that are always late.

28) Micromanagers.

29) Employees that do not do their work and feel like they do not have any accountability.

30) Co-workers that are chronic complainers.

31) Men who wear business suits with tennis shoes, & women who wear inappropriately high-heeled shoes with business outfits.

Miscellaneous Pet Peeves

32) Single-ply toilet paper. Some people just don’t get it.

33) Old men who try to pick up on younger women.

34) People that keep their dogs kenneled all day, and people who keep birds in cages. How would they like to be kept in a cage?

35) Pushy vegans and vegetarians.

36) Personally, my husband gets irritated, and worried, when I use a bread knife to cut

meat or vegetables. I consider any knife with a blade as a multi-purpose knife.

37) A relative who is overly complimentary. The first and second compliment is usually well received. The third becomes creepy.

38) It’s hard not to flinch when a person shakes your hand too tight. Ouch!

39) Huge earrings or gauges.

40) Men with crumbs in their beard or mustache. Or, misplaced food on anyone’s face.

41) Bad breath, especially when you cannot avoid a conversation with that person.

42) Overly judgmental people who are not Judges.

43) People that constantly embellish the truth.

44) A prolonged wait for a scheduled appointment, like at the DMV, doctor’s offices, interviews and meetings.

45) Finding gum stuck to the bottom of a table, or under your shoe.

46) My daughter gets angry if she has been ignored. Or, if her name is said at the end of a sentence.

47) Parents that wear jackets or coats and neglect to feel that their children need the same warmth.

48) Cold food which is meant to be hot.

49) Dirty shoes in the bedroom.

50) People who travel with pets on an airplane


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