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Here's Why You Should Always Look A Little Closer

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Your loved ones, coworkers, friends, or even a passing stranger may benefit if you pay close attention to them.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

You never know what type of day a person is having or the struggles they are going through. People do not always say how they feel, yet sometimes their behavior and body language can provide clues. A total stranger could benefit from your awareness. Simple acts like reaching out, speaking up, or saying, “Hello”, could turn an emotionally distressed persons’ day around. If you look closely, you may recognize some of these warning signs of depression, anxiety or stress which could become life threatening.

Behavioral changes

(including changes in social media posting)










Look for bruises, scars, marks, signs of depression, behavioral changes, crying and low self esteem. These could all be signs that a person needs special attention. It’s not always possible to determine how a person developed injury or emotional distress. It is important to seek help from local authorities if you suspect abuse.

Life Threatening Illnesses

You can be close to someone and see them everyday, but if you are not paying close attention, you could miss a serious illness.

Weight gain could be a sign of depression, stress, a thyroid disorder, tumor and even cancer. Water retention could be an indicator of heart failure. This list is not all-inclusive of disorders that could cause weight gain.

Confusion, memory loss, personality changes, moodiness and withdrawal might be signs of Alzheimer's, Dementia or other serious illnesses. Always seek immediate medical attention if you suspect someone has a serious or life threatening illness.

Here is my personal story of a loved one who experienced a life threatening illness. I am very close to my mother and visit her two to three times a week. Last year, at age 76, my mother complained of not feeling well. She began to experience fatigue and slow memory recall. She had no complaints of pain, other than her normal joint pain and she attributed her new symptoms to aging.

My mother normally had an impressive memory, and had always been in great physical condition. Before this incident, she took daily walks. I should have been surprised by her symptoms, yet we both justified them as normal aging. I suggested that she schedule an appointment with her doctor on multiple occasions, but I failed to push the issue. I cannot believe that I actually accepted her self-imposed medical diagnosis. After a few weeks of bothersome symptoms, my mother complained of a strange sensation on her back. It turned out to be an abscess which had festered and begun to drain. The abscess infected her blood, which is a condition that is known as sepsis.

I captured images of my mother’s wound progress to show to her. The images now serve as a reminder that visiting loved ones alone is not enough without vigilance.

WARNING: The following video "Healing Mom" contains very GRAPHIC IMAGES.

(This video contains a life threatening wound that may be SHOCKING and DISTURBING)

Do not be afraid to speak up, If you see something amiss, you could brighten a day, or even save a life.

Remember to always look a little closer at those around you!

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Tina K
Tina K
10 nov 2018

Oh thank you for sharing...eye opener!

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