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Do You Know Which 2 Ingredients Are In Most Foods

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

When it comes to shelved, refrigerated and frozen foods, which ingredients do you think are most commonly used? Most contain water, wheat, corn, sugar and salt. One of the most generous ingredients that I found however was sugar, but that's not all. Sugar is often accompanied by pork, yes pork. After reviewing the list of products below you will see that sugar and pork have a hidden romance.

They often disguise themselves and secretly hook up in dozens of products, true story. You may, "not dig on swine" but "pork is the most widely consumed meat in the world". When it comes to sugar, there is as much as 74% of sugar in the U.S. food supply.

These days I reduce my sugar consumption and I primarily eat whole foods. I make  conscious efforts to minimize my processed food intake and yes, I do eat pork. But what about those that do not want to over consume the hidden duo or pork for various reasons. Eat more whole foods and avoid processed/ sugary food. It may also help to purchase kosher products.

Common Hidden Pork Products Many of these products contain ingredients that have been derived from pork. 

Bagels Insulin Salad Dressings

Beer Immunizations Soft Drinks

Bread/ buns Ice Cream Tortillas

Butter Jams/Jelly Vitamins

Cakes Jello /Pudding Whipped cream

Canned meats Licorice Taffy

Cheese spreads Marshmallows Toffee

Chips Mayonnaise Wine

Cookies Medication/Capsules Yogurt

Frosting Milk Caramels

Fruit Juices Pastry fillings

Glazes Protein/Granola Bars

Gravy Peanut Butter

Gum Roasted Peanuts/ Nuts

Gummy candy Sauces

Sauces Disclaimer: Not all food manufactures of these products utilize hidden pork ingredients.

Additional Dairy products: Sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, custards, mouse, thickened cream, chiffon, and souffles.

Refrigerated/ frozen products by manufacturer

Green Giant frozen Honey Dijon Carrots, certain frozen veggies with sauce

Edy's rocky road ice cream

Sara Lee frozen pie crust

Yoplait frozen smooties,

Baskin & Robbins rocky road ice cream

Borden cheese singles

Frito Lay's (some Doritos) / Frito Lay's products that do not contain pork

Pillsbury canned biscuits

Medication Inactive Pork Ingredients

Gelatin is sometimes used as a stabilizer in medications such as Insulin shots as well as certain immunizations like MMR, rabies, varicella-zoster, oral typhoid, influenza and yellow-fever capsules like aspirin and Prilosec,

Nuts Some manufacturers utilize gelatin products to help spices and preservatives bind to nuts.

Refined sugar

Manufacturers refine sugar through a process using bone char, which is made from animal bones. Manufacturers do not have to disclose which type of animal bones. Yes, beef char is often used but pork char is more widespread. Once again, sugar and pork at its finest.

While we are on the subject of hidden pork, it is also hidden in toiletry Items and cleansers, makeup: lotions, lipstick, shaving cream, toothpaste, yes tooth paste; cleansers, detergents, soaps and shampoos.

Ingredients Derived From Pork:

The primary pork derivative is gelatin/ (puragel/ hydrosate) which is used by food industries in a variety of ways. As thickener, adhesive, film former, stabilizer, whipping agent, capsule/ soft gels coating and plasma expanders. It is a common gelling agent for canned seafood and soup emulsifier.

Mono- and diglycerides are used as emulsifiers and flavoring agents.

According to the FDA Glycerin/Glycol in alcoholic beverages should not exceed 5% of the amount needed to achieve its desired effect. No more than 24% for confections and frostings and 2.5 In frozen dairy products. It can go as high as 97% for seasonings and flavorings.

Stearate/Stearic Acid/Stearoyl also utilized as a stabilizer, emulsifier and binding agent.

Porcine enzymes are used as seasonings and to enhance cheese flavor.

Cysteine is an amino protein acid that is used as a stabilizer, preservative and dough- conditioner.

Hydrogenated lard-pig fat used as a food stabilizer.

(Some of these ingredients can also be derived from other animal and plant sources which may or may not be distinguished on food product labels)

Food and ingredients are not always what they seems. Be sure take a close look at labels so you can best identify what you consume. Thanks for stopping by & feel free to leave a comment.

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