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Learn Several Ways Men Are Becoming More Like Women

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

We try to categorize men as either masculine, effeminate, metrosexual, urbersexual, spornosexual, rugged, all-natural and even hipster to name a few terms. We generalize their style and personality as having swagger. pizazz, finesse, charm and flamboyance. Today some men freely and brilliantly express themselves through cosplay, or drag queens

Regardless of their category men are taking longer to get ready because they have adopted feminine grooming techniques and made them their own. Manscapping is not a new term or trend. Men have long visited barbers and stylist when their manes, beards and mustaches became due for a trim or manicure. The modern male however manicures more than his face. Removing body hair is not just for male athletes, men want to look and feel smooth like women also. Men are opting for Male Brazilian Waxes shaving or simply purchasing Nad's male hair removal cream.

Some of them have ditched crew cuts and haircuts all together. With this change we are forced to love or hate a well positioned and styled Man Bun. I didn't realize there were multiple ways to rock a man bun until I ran across this article "7 Types of Man Bun Styles" . The "Top Knot, and "curly man bun" are by far my favorites. Men popularized the comb-over in the 70's when layers and feather cuts dominated the scene. So its not surprising that they wear male-bangs. Colloquially referenced as Man Fringe.

While many are growing long hair and removing body hair not all male hair is undesired. Just like females, male eye brows and lashes are very important assets. Instead of removing or reducing this hair, men are now enhancing their lashes with semi-permanent and temporary male eyelash extensions. Men are also maintaining their eyebrows for a neat or rugged appearance.

Male Eyebrow Grooming









Rompers are not just for women and toddlers anymore.. No, men are not wearing them as costumes. They carefully select rompers by brand, color and styles and they are wearing them well!


Men started out wearing a single earring, now they buy them in pairs. Some of them also sport murses. What is a murse? If you guessed that its a male purse you guessed right. Males like women also accessorize with scarves and carry satchels,

Male Body Sculpting and Contouring

Men too are lifting, tucking, shrinking and enhancing their bodies. From Male Pectoral Implants to abdominal etching they are undergoing liposuction, cryogenic freezing or cool sculpting, and thermage treatments for chiseled bodies.

When a man uses the excuse "not tonight,,I have a headache" well he could suffer from Manopause. The male version of menopause which is actually Andropause and it is often referred to as Low-T for low testosterone.

Men like women suffer hormonal imbalances. Which are thought to be responsible for Male PMS or IMS for men Irritable Male Syndrome. Men share similar moodiness without periods and cramps, just plain irritability.

Male PolishMen are wearing male polish, often worn strictly on a little finger, a few fingers, or as a full french manicure Male Polish has become increasingly popular. These celebrities have been photographed wearing their nails polished.

  • Johnny Depp

  • Brad Pitt

  • Seal

  • Snoop Dog

Male Birth Control PillsWomen have long had the option of taking oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Women can now ask men if they are on the "Pill". Yes, men too, can now take Male Birth Control Pills . These pills lower testosterone levels and men taking them have fewer side effects than their counter parts. One undesired side effect is weight gain, good luck with that one men!

Women are not the only ones getting junk-drunk these days, men are just as likely to antique shop for mantiques. These are items that appeal to men, and mantiques often add that personal touch to man-caves all over the world.

Yes, there are still low maintenance men out there. Rather men take 5 minutes to get ready or over an hour we must appreciate them for who they are. The terms above blur the divide between men and women.


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