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Check Out My Favorite Second Hand Deals

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

I would like to share my 3 favorite bargain deals of all time. The hubby and I venture out near and far in search of great deals at thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets, garage and yard sales. We create a lot of opportunities to give old items a new life.

My first favorite thrift deal was purchased by the hubby at a thrift store in Morro Bay, CA. This adorable mini skirt was made by Express with an original price tag of $37. I feel like I'm ready for the runway with my $7 find. I am so glad it's mine. The Steve Madden chameleon heels pictured are an honorable mention. They were purchased for $10 at The King’s Closet Thrift Store in Lodi, CA. I pieced the entire outfit together secondhand from four different resale spots for a total of $21.

Aztec print sequin skirt

My second favorite find was discovered at a flea-market in Stockton, CA and this is a neat story. I was out rummaging with my mother when we ran across this gorgeous pair of tooled leather floral designed boots. I asked the vendor for the price and was saddened to learn they were $75. I did not want to spend that much money nor did I have the cash on hand. I am very frugal and have never spent more than $40 on a single pair of new shoes. None the less, I was disappointed to leave without them. I returned to work right after leaving the flea market and I thought about the boots all evening. I later shared the story with the hubby who encouraged me to return for the boots the next day.

Well, I did return and the flea market layout had changed from the  day before. I searched for nearly 2 hours before I was reunited the boots again. Second time around the vendor asked $60 for the boots, oh yeah!  She explained that the boots were a surprise gift from her husband who purchased them while visiting Mexico. Her husband had failed to confirm her shoe size before the purchase. They were much too small and she never wore the boots but held onto them.

Thanks to her hubby and mine these boots are my absolute favorite.

My final favorite find are these tiny treasures that I scored at Ecothrift in Citrus Heights, CA.

*Vintage street light salt and pepper shakers.

*Mini antique amber oil lamps

All 3 were found together hanging on a rack inside a plastic bag.

I grabbed the bag because the contents looked aged. I performed a little online research and  learned that the 5" oil lamp was from the 1940's era and was made in Hong Kong. A couple of identical lamps were listed as recently sold on Ebay for $15.95 and the other for $20.00. The street light salt and pepper shakers ranged from $7.00 - $20.00 in similar condition on Ebay and Etsy. While I adore them all I do not plan to keep them or sale them. I have someone in mind to give them to. Truly one of my favorite finds.

The hubby and I have a great time recycling together. You never know what's out there. It's always nice to find gently used items at the right price and even better to find tiny treasures.  I can hardly wait to find my next 3 favorite bargains.

There are plenty of thrift deals waiting to be discovered near you.

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