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A Must Read -Ari Bella's Ferret, My Brother's Book

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

I am very proud of my brother Darrin, he is officially an Author. His creativity was at its finest when he wrote this beautifully illustrated children's story.

Darrin's inspiration for Ari Bella's Ferret was awakened with the birth of his first grandchild my great niece Ari Bella. His love for her and his late family pet Elmo of seven years flourished into this warm story. This is the story of a lost little ferret in desperate search for his home. The little ferret managed to find a loving family in a human home. Darrin's late pet Elmo was curious and he described him as a clown that made him laugh and lifted his spirits. Elmo lives on in this book with Ari Bella by his side.

A Surprise Book Signing

Book Signing

In this picture Darrin was hard at work on his day job when a fan arrived with a couple of books that she wanted him to sign.

The story started as a poem and grew from there.

I already knew the foundation of the book so I asked Darrin how it all transpired. Turns out the story started as a poem for Ari Bella's first birthday and grew from there. He wrote the poem and decided instead to turn it into a song. But It did not stop there it kept growing. He shared the idea of a song a few times and was encouraged to write a book. Darrin's diligence and the right contacts made Ari Bella's Ferret a reality. By the time the book was published and an official copy registered with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. a few birthdays had passed. Now, Ari Bella was able to share her signed first copy with her classmates.

I am pleased to say that Darrin has expressed interest in writing another book. I sure hope that Darrin realizes that his creative brilliance will remain a constant in my heart. He will be reminded because I will ask him to sign copies as gifts for many years to come.

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