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Claim Your Free Crypto Now

I am a new crypto enthusiast that researched legitimate ways to earn free crypto. Here is what I've found so far; cryptocurrency faucets and passive mining are the easiest methods to earn free crypto. These are not get rich quick schemes. The sites listed below will allow you to accumulate small increments of crypto (shatoshi or pennies) that will really add up over time. Is it worth it? I have utilized several faucets routinely for the last several months and I personally feel that faucets are worth my time. It only took a few weeks to collect enough cents that equaled a couple of dollars.


Some faucets pay automatically while others require you to stake a claim, role a dice, or spin a wheel. You also have to prove that you are human and not a computer programmed to cheat claims. This is done by verifying pictures through the selection of squares in the CAPTCHA system. The picture verification process is not as fun as it sounds but its necessary and so are the ads. Advertisements often open up in new windows, when this happens I close them and resume faucet claims. The faucets typically pay out in 5 to 15 minute intervals but this varies with each faucet. The more often you make daily faucet claims the higher your payout amounts. Moon faucets offer additional daily bonuses so be sure to claim at least once a day. The daily loyalty reward bonus increases by 1% everyday.

First step: Create a free online micro-wallet account at:
The Coinpot site will collect all of your free crypto from faucet payouts.
Update: March 28, 2018 Coinpot now offers free tokens. Use any of the supported faucets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin Cash & Dash coins) below and earn 3 free Coinpot tokens for each faucet claim and 1 for each referral. You can mine or convert your Coinpot tokens into supported coins. You can even wager tokens for a chance to multiply them.
Create accounts with one or all of the faucet referral links below.

To maximize your faucet payouts stay logged into the sites. After you make a claim you can close the faucet window and I have even shut down and restarted my computer. As long as you stay logged in you accumulate more crypto and daily bonus points. Most faucets sites are funded by advertisers and are over loaded with advertisements. Remaining logged in to the sites allow for continuous advertisement airtime. This is how the faucets generate money and reward its participants. *Some advertisement are beneficial but please exercise caution and be aware of sites that offer a return of 10 X your money and Bitcoin Generators.

There are many online faucets. I have only included my favorites that are saved to my favorite's tool bar. (Each faucet provides referral bonuses):

Free Bitcoin

Free Bonus Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin Cash Coin

Free Dash Coin

Free Doge Coin

Free Lite Coin

Free Bitcoin


The faucet sites have the option to passively mine coins. If you want more of a particular coin there are coin convert features as well on each of the Moon Crypto faucets. Example: I regularly convert my Dodge and Bitcoin Cash coins to Lite coins.


Passive mining with Google Chrome browser This option allows you to passively mine Bitcoin within your browser. All you have to do is download the link onto your Chrome tool bar and the mining starts. It is a slow accumulation process. If you want to increase your Bitcoin earnings you can send your referral link to all of your friends and earn affiliate commission on their earnings ( works best if you have a lot of friends). I already utilized Google Chrome, now with the Crypto Tab Extension I have started to earn a little crypto.

This link is for desktops or laptops with Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome you will have to download it first: Google Chrome Crypto Tab Extension link

Why wait, start earning your free cryptocurrency right now, give either or all these a try.

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