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Bubby and Honey's Awesome Trip To Petaluma

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

We had an awesome weekend in Sonoma County's well-preserved, historic Petaluma. Its about a 45-60 minute drive North from San Francisco. Petaluma happens to be one of California's oldest settled cities (1850's). We visited for our anniversary and were greeted by April showers on our first day. The rain did not dampen our fun, we walked in the rain and explored downtown.

Shopping was first on our list and it did not take long to stumble across a unique antique shop, The Petaluma Collection, Military Antiques and Museum. They had a large variety of collectibles and some of the best prices we've come across while antiquing.

We are bargain shoppers so next on the list was thrift store shopping. We found our new Petaluma favorite Thriftique. I found a new outfit complete with shoes for just $10. We also scored a few deals at the Petaluma Outlet Stores. Be sure to view our adventures in the video below

When it came time to eat we visited a little bistro tucked in an alley that was appropriately named "Speak Easy". We were impressed with the jack-fruit , banana coconut & salmon tacos. I had mine with a glass of gambucha.

We opted for desert directly across the alley at the Petaluma Pie Company and my Apple Pecan Crumble with Salted Caramel mini pie was delicious. The second night we enjoyed dinner, service and live music at the Red Brick located on the riverwalk. The hubby had his first taste of Smith Wicks Irish Ale and he has added it to his list of favorites. When you decide to visit, these additional places are a must see:

  • Adobe State Historic Park, we happened to visit on "Sheep Sheering Day" and my country soul enjoyed every moment.

  • Petaluma Seed Bank, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company- 1500 rare, natural & non GMO seeds

  • The Tall Toad Music Store what a cool store!

Take a trip to Paris within your trip by staying at the Metro Hotel. It's a Parisian Circus themed, cool, cozy and fun place to stay. The hotel even offered Glamping options with several onsite Arrow Streams for rent. There were even tandem bikes (as seen in the video) available for rent that we had to try out. That was so much fun! If you decide to stay at the Metro ask for Noe, he will take good care of you. Another great trip has been added to our list.

Petaluma Fun Facts

  • The city hosts an annual Butter and Egg Days Festival

  • Petaluma was once the egg capital of the world

  • Former nickname "Chickaluma"

  • The egg incubator was invented in Petaluma

  • Home to the first poultry drug store

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